The City of Sharn

First session

Today Andrew and Chris created their characters.
Andre – Changeling rogue named Romanov
Chris – Kalashtar ranger named Carter
Will – Human Bard named Avon d’Stratford

Avon has reveled that he would like to somehow move up the ranks and sit on the council. he hopes that through solid work and making good connections he can find supporters that would help him.
Romanov has indicated that his parents once infiltrated the political world of Sharn through body switching. they were outed by another family currently in power. He was raised in an orphanage with which he still has emotional ties to. he strives to raise in political power throuhg what ever means in order to promote the lives of the more mistreated populations. He is passionate about the treatment of his fellow changlings.

Carter grew up in sharn but left to try his hand as a Sharif in a town not far away. When working a case that pinned a dragon-marked heir as the culprit the evidence however was supposedly not properly stored correctly and accidentally contaminated by Carter. His superior dismissed him from duty for incompetence although Carter is confident he followed all the necessary guidelines and procedures. with no job and since the man he had charged was a favorite son of the city he could no longer support himself and moved back to Sharn. He now has a agreement with house Median accepting cases nobody wants and operating a inquisitive agencies in an ally behind his favorite tavern.



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