The City of Sharn

Episode 1 The faceless body Part A

The makeshift Machete a small taver in Olladra’s Kitchen of lower Central owned by Portia a halfling. Romonoff a changling who works there under the guise of bonnie the busty serving lady was busy serving customers. Carter was posted up behind the tavern hoping to get a new client. Suddenly a scream from a round the corner catches their attention. They found a dead changling with a wound to the neck and a histarical half-elf lady who saw the murder as she exited the tailor across the street.

Carter began his investigation by kicking the body while Romonoff got some information from the half-elf. The changling was in the form of a half-elf and was struck in the neck by a large figure. The figure ran off once the half-elf lady screamed.

Romonoff later found several items on the dead changling
A dagger witha pawn shop tag
a piece of paper with the number K5299
a vial of dreamlily
and identification papers for Trarry a half-elf of Sharn

The guards soon came and started their investigation

Romonoff and Carter met up later in the cogs at the Rotten Rat Tavern to discuss what they found

on their return to centeral they were attacked by some goblin muggers.
once carter felled one the other ran away in fear.

The pair then went to the pawn shop Pawns For Goods ran by an old male half-elf and discoverd before Trarry’s death he had pawned a small shipping chest that had the DK5B (dock 5 B) on its side.

They then decided to locate a dreamlilly den in hopes of finding out some more of Trarry’s movements before his death. They are currently keeping watch on the den while playing dice across the way.

old dagger with pawn shop number
Paper: K5299
Dreamlilly vial
Chest (DK5B)
ID papers
40 Silver
Poor cloths



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