Hello Welcome to the Urban Sharn Choose your own adventure game!!!

This game is an experimental Urban Sandbox game taking place in the city of Sharn in the Eberron campaign setting.

The city of towers is a metropolis in the world of Eberron. a vast city with towers reaching high into the sky. explore through the doing odd jobs for friends, gaining favor in one of the dragon marked houses, uncovering devious plots, investigating crimes, or even bringing your self to power thorough fear and treachery. The story is up to the players, you create the story, you pick what you want to do, you figure out how your involved.

This game requires participation from both DM and players. While the DM is responsible for providing a rich environment for the players to interact with, the players are also responsible for providing the tools in which the DM can accomplish this. In this session it will not be uncommon for the DM to request players to take on some of the responsibilities such as creating some NPC’s or providing adventure Ideas and goals for their own character. While the players wont have to RP the NPC’s they create they will be expected to do a fair share of RPing for their character. Never fear the DM can help provide you with tools to accomplish this during your character creation. :D he is more than happy to help.

This campaign focuses the happenings in the city and how the choices of a few citizens can influence a huge city.

Please review the rules

The City of Sharn

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