for starters there are a few house rules regarding player creation and advancement.

Players should be willing to commit to two days a month to playing. Players who frequently miss session impair the quality of the game and in cases require sessions to be canceled. It is This DMS biggest annoyance and players who miss 2 session within a 2 month period will have their character converted to NPC’s or eliminated by a roaming band of orc rapist. (I will more than likely make an exception if I am told at least 2 weeks in advance that you will not be able to make the usual scheduled session or under extraneous circumstances)

Books and Sources:
Only core rule books, and Eberron books and SRD ( ) as indicated in the online wiki. portions of other sources may be allowed by DM approval. (this is going to be a campaign focused on thinking outside the box and using role-playing therefore feats that will provide interesting role playing experiences are more likely to be allowed).

Player Creation and Advancement

New Chars

players start as 1st level using RANDOM GENERATION using the tables found here

We will be using the variant rules for gaining feats, skills, and spells as identified in the DMG pg 197. (this is to keep the level advancement in pair with game time, in addition to allowing the DM to approve any feat selections).

Discussion about rules

There may be instances where ambiguities arise with rules and such, in this case any player can make a 1 minute argument into their interpretation of the rule followed by a ruling by the DM. this ruling will not be questioned for the duration of the session. once the session is over a more formal discussion and ruling will be made.

The DM goal is to ensure that all players are having fun.


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